The real challenge is to help customers always keep hair perfection. Jenoris understands that daily hair care products are a big part of a problem.
So Jenoris wanted to create a professional hair care line that would always give everyone a smooth, silky and healthy result.

Jenoris' journey began with a need and moved to the laboratory. We started by analyzing hair strands, fractures and split ends.
Jenoris examined hair strength, softness and radiance, got a good understanding of what makes a difference and how to maximize these qualities.
With a scientific approach, one has tested, analyzed, measured and improved using a series of natural and formulated ingredients.
Through this rigorous process, we have developed Jenoris, with results that exceeded our expectations and those of our customers.

Jenosis has combined science and nature for excellent, long-lasting results.

With decades of professional hair care experience, the Jenoris development team of hair stylists, chemists and pharmacists has designed the ultimate line of hair care products.
During this extensive and intensive process, the team discovered the benefits of Omega 3, 6 and 9 that were specifically extracted from Pistachio and Borage oils.

The results were just great, fed the scalp and promoted softer and stronger hair. We refined the formula to achieve an optimal impact.
The special blend of Jenoris works through the hair and produces an exceptional shine, the right moisture balance and improved elasticity that helps prevent fractures.