• The D-MELI-MELO brush is not comparable to any other brush. Painless detangling is achieved by a firmer pressure to be used.
• The D-MELI-MELO brush gives a relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps.
• Unlike conventional brushes and combs, D-MELI-MELO brush can be used from the hair root and from the middle of its length to ends.
• It may be untangled by making brush strokes pointing upwards from the bottom of the hair with the teeth of the brush hair, hair or directed from the top of the hair with the teeth of the brush down.
• Since breaking the hair is minimized, you will feel it by using the D-MELI-MELO brush a while fuller and healthier.
• The D-MELI-MELO brush is ideal for the uniform distribution of the conditioner through wet hair and guarantees light distribution of the conditioner, which in turn leads to not weigh down the hair when blow drying for example.
• The D-MELI-MELO brush is a must for the carriers of hair extensions, it will simply glide through the hair roots to ends to cause without pain.
• It's great for the daily care of wigs, hairpieces and hairwefts
• The same excellent results even come in curly and afro hair.