DE LUXE line is the new lock for hairextensions created by
EuroSo.Cap. in collaboration with the best hairstylers around
the world who choose only the best for their customers.
The "DE LUXE"line is characterized by hair of superior quality,
that is, locks that have within them the same length of hairfrom
root to tip. Only with he "DE LUXE" locks you can make hair
extensions and/or THICKENING full and bushy from root to tips.
The LUXE hairextensions are more softer, silk and finer.
EuroSo.Cap. has chosen to use hair gathered exclusively in
Indian temples where men and women donate their most
precious belonging: their hair. In the temples the hair is gathered
and selected with extreme care, preserving this way the natural
direction of its cuticles, fundamental element for a top quality product.
In the EuroSo.Cap. laboratories the hair is treated by master specialists
who create different shades, waves and lengths, respecting its natural
In order to guarantee an excellent result with passing of time, we suggest
to use the products of "Silk System Professional" by EuroSo.Cap.,
specific for care and upkeep of your hair