Hairextensions keratin bonded

The cost of hair extensions depends on the number of locks required and the length.
Color choice and style have no bearing on cost.
The chart below shows approximate number of locks required for typical applications.
Locks may be subdivided into even smaller sections as determined by the stylist to achieve specific results.
 Highlights 25  -50 locks
 Create highlightsicolor effects without chemicals
 Quarter Head 25-50 locks
 Lengthening or thickening the bangs
 Adding volume to the hair
 Half Head 75-100 locks
 Lengthening the back of sides ofthe head
 Adding volume or making asymmetric lines
 Three Quarters Head 80-120 locks
 Lengthening everything, except the top
 Whole Head 100-150 locks
 Depending on hair density and volume/length desired