Flash Tattoos (face-body-hair) NEW

Flash Tattoos for face - body & hair.

The contemporary trend for concerts - festivals - beach - parties - holidays or just in between.
Flash body tattoos are easy to apply and stay for 3-6 days, even after a shower or bath.
In places without clothing, the tattoo stays longer than in places under clothing. Transparency also ensures a shorter duration.

See the manual video for applying the body tatoos.

After a few days, they slowly become less beautiful and wear themselves completely away from your skin.
If you want to remove them earlier, you can do so with oil or possibly rub them.

Applying the Tattoo:

1. Cut out the tattoo from the sticker sheet.
2. Clean the desired place on your body (without hair) and make sure it is completely dry when you apply the tattoo.
3. Carefully remove the transparent part of the tattoo.
4. Place the tattoo with the sticky side on the skin and with a warm wet cloth / paper, press the tattoo against the skin for 30 to 40 seconds.
5. If the paper of the sticker tattoo is well wet you will see the tattoo print through the paper.
6. Carefully remove the sticker paper.
7. Let the tattoo dry on your skin for about 3-4 minutes before touching it.

! Note!

Not suitable for children under 4 years.
If you have a skin allergy, the flash tattoo may cause irritation.

User is responsible for the use of the flash tattoo.