Eyelash extensions

How to apply eyelash extensions(eyelash pair,individual eyelash and eyelash kit) ?

    Preparing to Apply the Extensions    
  • First, be sure to start with clean eyelids. When removing eye makeup, be sure to use a makeup remover that is oil-free. The adhesive required for applying mink eyelash extensions will not work with even a bit of oil on lashes.
  • The next step is to choose the style, color, and length of mink eyelashes you wish to use. Mink eyelash extensions can come in a variety of beautiful colors, such as deep purple or blue. These colors can make eyelashes look stunning in a subtle way.
  • After choosing the color and length, the next step is to use a good adhesive. If you want a colored adhesive, make sure it matches your skin tone. Choose a light or dark adhesive depending on the tone of your skin. Or, you may opt to use just a clear glue, however, this kind of adhesive can sometimes reflect shine and appear fake. You want the most natural look possible.
  • Next, have your application tools ready. Get your tools ready with a toothpick, tweezers, and some of the adhesive on a small piece of paper.
  • After this, use the tweezers to pick up a small part of the mink eyelashes. If they are smaller divisions, apply them in sections as you see fit. If you are applying one lash set for your entire eye lid, be very careful to align the lashes with your lid. Be sure to use a mirror and proper lighting so you can see where you are applying the lashes.
Attaching Your Mink Eyelash Extensions
As you begin to apply a full set of mink eyelashes, be sure to start with the inside corner of your eyelid. Press down firmly as you set the lashes upon your eyelid. It is very important for you to wait until the eyelash adhesive is completely dry before you remove your steady hand from your eye lid.
If you are using small clumps of lashes, start placing lashes at the outside of your eye lid. Place a section on one eye lid, and then place a clump of lashes on the other eye lid. You will only need a couple of lash clumps to achieve a look that is natural. If you want a more glamorous look, then apply three or four clumps of lashes to your eye lid.
If you do happen to make a mistake, do not fret. Eyelashes can be easily removed with the use of oil-based makeup remover. Simply apply makeup remover to your eyelid and the eyelashes will come off easily.
After applying eyelashes, there are ways to enhance the look of your new lashes. Try using an eyelash curler to make your lashes more stylish.
Add a bit of liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line in order to hide the eyelash glue.
The key to applying mink lash extensions is a steady hand and a lot of patience. After this , your look will be complete!