2XLNT (Too Excellent)

2XlnT (too Excellent ) Thermo Fibre rebounded hair extensions -60 cm . long - 1 gram

Why Thermo Fibre :
Thermo Fibre hair is a great alternative to human hair for various reasons ;
*People like extensions which wishes , but no other people .
*For those whose budget is not enough to buy . Human hair extensions
*Take another look as it is affordable with Thermo Fibre .
*In a fast and affordable way highlights places to party , etc.
*For during festivities such as Carnival , Midsummer Carnival and major events something else to do as others .
*Want to try before paying for human hair extensions . Lot of money for once
I*n a cheaper way , for example 50 places tufts .
*Less attention than human hair extensions .

Thermo Fibre extensions are completely new and almost perfect! The hairs are as long and fine tip to tip and there are no distracting elements of black hair in blonde color .
Also, the specific gravity less like human hair and the capacity which rests on your own hair roots less.

Gestation , according to circumstances lifespan is 6 to 8 weeks .
The method of carrying and avoid creations are equal as human hair extensions if not seperately reported in this colum .

We have these Thermo Fibre tested over four months before taking . In our range

These hair extensions are made ​​from a material known as Thermo Fibre . Unlike many other synthetic fibers Thermo Fibre has the brilliant feature that heat can withstand up to about 200 degrees C. ,
so it makes excellent styles and curls ! Which is quite unique for its fiber . The hair is very realistic and feels very soft and smooth .

When styled with curling iron , it is better to use with water , and wet . This a spray bottle Curl them dry and keep picking up until they have cooled down and contain no moisture .
Will then namely better adjust the curl.

Are your Thermo Fibre extensions after some time a little dull , not a disaster , take a hair straightener and
treat your extensions with this. You 'll be amazed at the shine comes back .

You can use your Thermo Fibre hair extensions wash and care with any desired product . Note on
that you do not use aggressive products which affects the coating .

The 2XlnT Thermo Fibre hair extensions are available in the most common 9 natural shades from black to white pearl .

When you purchase at least 150 Thermo Fibre extensions you will receive a complimentary bottle of anti statiquo or Glossy oil