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Treatment of Hargania from So.Cap Original is enriched with high quality oils of Macadamia and Argan and is ideal for all hair types.
Argan oil has vitamin E and has an Antie-aging effect.
Macadonian and argan oil make hair extra soft and especially shiny.

Hargania shampoo 250 ml
€ 6.95less 21% VAT
Hargania shampoo 1000 ml
€ 14.95less 21% VAT
Hargania Hair Mask 250ml
€ 9.95less 21% VAT
Hargania Hair Mask 500 ml
€ 14.95less 21% VAT
Hargania Elixer Spray 100 ml.
€ 12.95less 21% VAT
Hargania Oil 100 ml.
€ 14.95less 21% VAT