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After Care

Hair Beauty Perfection
Top Care the exclusive, simple to use, intensive treatment system, formulated to restore every hair type
to its original beauty. The Top Care system has a highly effective lasting answer to every hair
condition. Helping to guarantee that, with your advice, your client’s enjoy Beautiful Hair everyday.
Using the Top Care system in your salon helps you and your clients to experience the luxury of perfect
cleansing, treatments and protection before styling. So clients leave the salon, a shining advertisement
for your professional advice and care.
TECHNOLOGY AMINOCARE COMPLEX - a system comprising 4 essentialcomponents for your
hair’s health and beauty:
CERAMIDE A2 Strengthens the cellular cohesion essential for the hair’s structure, creating a visible
improvement to it’s body and shine, protecting and giving it strength and lustre.
HYDROTRITICUM WAA A complex of wheat amino acids that moisturize the hair for an extreme conditioning effect.
It penetrates deeply into the hair structure, improving andregenerating damaged areas to restructure
the keratinic composition.
HIBISCIN A hibiscus seed extract with excellent nutritive properties, creating voluminous hair that is easy to comb.
Hibiscus seeds contain protein, calcium and vitamins for excellent nutritive and revitalizing properties.
PURICARE A system of micro-proteins extracted from moringa seeds. They protect the hair against environmental
agents, giving an anti-age and